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Does homeowners insurance cover older roofs?
Homeowners insurance covers houses – and roofs – of all ages. Whether your home is 5 years old or 50, if your house is insured with a typical insurance policy, your insurance company is bound by the policy’s terms. That said, it won’t cover “wear and tear” which is common in older roofs. For example, if the roof is worn and starting to leak because it’s 40 years old, you are probably on your own as far as paying for a new roof goes. However, if your 40-year-old roof is damaged by a lightning strike, then your insurance would likely cover the damage because that was a covered loss.

How much will it cost to repair a West University roof?
Roof repairs run the gamut from minor leak repairs to major structural repairs. Where one repair may cost under $100, another could cost thousands of dollars. The best way to find out how much your roof repair will cost is to call us for a free estimate. We’ll be happy to stop by your house or place of business to see the damage firsthand and give you an accurate, written estimate.

How much does new roofing cost?
Roofing materials, the scope of the project, and other factors are involved, making it nearly impossible to quote a roofing project without first finding out more about it. Keep in mind that there’s more involved than the final price. Cheap roof replacements often need to be repaired or replaced dramatically sooner than their more expensive, and higher quality, counterparts.

Does it make sense to downgrade my roof?
We understand that the economy has made it difficult for home and business owners to invest in their homes the way it used to and that going with lesser materials may be tempting in order to save money. However, you may be limited in the type of roofing materials you can use, especially if you live in an area governed by a homeowners association. If the neighborhood’s guidelines specify tile roofs, you may have no other option available. In addition, your house may not be able to support alternative roofing materials without retrofitting which could defeat the purpose. Contact us to find out what options are viable to you.